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You Are Not Alone

Today i celebrate a “Hari Raya Idul Fitri”. Actually, i’d celebrated the victory day yesterday, but because the mosque near my house held the “Sholad Ied” today, so i had the “sholat ied” today.
I woke up at 6 in the morning, then i took a bath. At 630am, I was ready to go to the mosque. But because i think it’s so early, then I checked my emails.
I went to the mosque at 715am. After get lost for few meters, finally i got the mosque :)) (actually, last nite i did a survey to the mosque, but i forgot because i took a short cut (actually a long cut) to get the mosque.. hahhaha)

After “Sholat Ied”, I and Mas Mahfud’s family went to Indonesian Gathering (please read : MAKAN2 aka Having Indonesian Food Party). Wow.. I met so many people there. They are so friendly. I felt so lucky joining their gathering. The food was indonesian food MADE by INDONESIAN (Not Indonesian Food made by Malaysian – I’ve found some “Rumah Makan Nasi Padang” was claimed by Malaysian). But sorry, no screenshot.

The next gathering must be: IDUL ADHA hehehe


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Suggest Google’s Next Services

Reading Google Blogoscope about google prediction reality check, i have an idea to suggest google’s next services.

  • Google Explorer: A web base file explorer with 5GB capacity. The features are : file sharing, google mail integatrion (we can save the attachment into Google Explorer), picassaweb integration, file search, google docs integration
  • Google Music: Actually, google already have a music search, but in my imagination, google music search is like google video, but for music. Google user can sell their music in the internet by using google music. The user can also share the music.
  • Google Desktop Search for Macintosh: Yeah, a macintosh version of Google Desktop Search
  • Google Browser: Why dont google acquire Firefox and name it as Google Browser. Of course google must fix the firefox’s code, because if i open many tabs in firefox, then the firefox become very slow
  • Google Address Book: A sharing address book with gmail and google groups integration. So that if i change my email or my mobilephoe, i dont have to announce to my friends, i just need to change my profile in Google Address Book, then my email/mobilephone in my friends’ address book will change. Of course i have to mention who can look my profile, or which groups (in googlegroups) can read my profile.
  • Google Bloghosting: I want to blog in Blogspot by using my domain,

There’re some suggests in my idea. Maybe i’ll update it later.

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My supervisors

In my working careers, i have some supervisor in 5 institution. My first supervisor in ISRG ITB was Pak Waskita Adijarto. He helped me many thing. In my final project, I stated that he’s my teacher, until now. Pak Waskita is the first person who taught my technical skill. Then i learnt it myself (by using internet). I remember, if i asked him something, he will force me to find the answer in internet. If i cannot solve my problem, then he will help me. Pak Waskita has a great programming skill, he taught me how to handle problem with scripting as well as adding some functions in the source. He also taught me how to think about problem. I got many thing from Pak Waskita. He’s one of the greatest lecturer in ITB, although i think his teaching skill (in class)’s not excellent, but still, he’s a great skill.

My second supervisor was Basuki Suhardiman, in AI3 ITB. I learnt many thing from Mas Basuki, Especially how to work under pressure, hehehe. Also, how to debate with other person. I also learnt how to manage our emotion from Mas Basuki. From Mas Basuki, i learnt how to fight.

My third supervisor was Pak Budi Permadi Iskandar in SBM ITB. I also learnt many thing from him. I leant how to manage our self, how to manage our work, how to negotiate, how to manage people, and many thing. I can conclude that I learnt management and negotiation from Pak Budi.

My fourth supervisor was my supervisor in NEC. I wont mention his name. From him, i learnt how to use my spare time ๐Ÿ™‚ I hadn’t got many thing from him, because he was so busy while i was working there.

Now, i have 2 supervisor. One is my direct supervisor, the the second is my big bos. My supervisor is a good supervisor, but my big bos is amazing. My story is about my big bos.

Last weekend, my company’s project schedule is server migration in the client. We have 2 small team, 1 team handled the data center, and the other team handled the client side. I and my big bos are the second team. We had to check and to make sure that everything came properly. But suddenly there’s some problem in the client’s remote side. So we have to work late. It’s about 9pm, when he asked me
bos: do you still have fasting?
me: yes, but i already broke it
bos: have you ate?
me: not yet, but i bring my dinner.
bos: nice (then he went away)
the first thing came into my mind was, how can he know that i’m moslem. I think he tried to close to his staff. Finally our work finished at 4am. Then he offered me a ride. My house is in the different side of his house. His house is in the north, and mine is in the west. We were in the south,. and tomorrow (actually later) we have to be in our client at 9am. Actually, my big bos is GM in my company. I surprised that he is still handling technical job and working overtime.
Finally my work finished at 4pm (so we worked in our client since 6pm-4am and 9am-4pm), and again he offered me a ride. I knew that he has a flight in the night (may be at 10pm) to the other continent.
Yeah, from my big bos, i learnt how to respect to other people even our staff. He never acts like a bos, he acts like a friend.

Bonus Story:
have you ever thought that the generation after us is worse than us? For example, have you ever thought that they are lazier, etc?
I have ever. Last year, when i was still in ITB, i and my friends were redesigned our datacenter. We work from 8pm until finish. We added a rack for some servers. When we were starting our work, we had many people from some generations. And the time was going late, the people working became less then before. And when our work was done, only 3-4 people stood. I was the youngest. I dont know where’s the other.
And when i worked with my bos, his stamina is greater that me. hahaha. While working late, i slept for a while (maybe about 5 minutes) and he always woke up. Also when we work in the day, i slept a while (about 15 minutes hahaha). So then i was defeated by him. I became the junior who is lazier than his senior. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy Hari Raya Idul Fitri

Happy Hari Raya Idul Fitri for all of the moslem in the world.
Minal Adizin Wal Faizin.

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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali for those who celebrate it!

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Archive the Unarchived

I have subscribed into many mailling lists. But i never read all of them. I just read the email with interesting subject.

Some weeks ago, accidently i deleted all my emails in my google hosted.ย  After got a shortime shock, the i relize that i should BACKUP all my emails. Fortunately, I had already backed up my personal email into my yahoo email. Then I backed up all my emails into another gmail account (because i like the way google manages my email).

But then I relize, what if my mailbox is full? Then i made a filter to forward my mailling list into a googlegroup maillinglist. One google mailling list forย  one non-google mailling list.ย  So then I can archive some of my mailling lists into google groups.

For example, this url show you the backup of Balita-anda mailling list. I will not tell you what mailling list do i archive in googlegroups, because some of them is non-public mailling list.

Thanks Google

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Some of Indonesia Internet User’s addicted by YM?

I have an opinion that some of indonesia internet user is addicted by YM. While they are using komputer with internet connection, one of the thing they are doing is signing into Yahoo Messenger. Addicted? May be! Some of them loging into YM because they want to chat, some other people do that because they want to show off by using yahoo messanger status, while the other just sign-in.

Any comments?

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Work Activity

After nothing to do in the last 6 months (my previous job in my previous company is not so hard, we are still looking for some projects) , finally i have something to do. I handle 2 project. Both of my project’s work environment is about the same.

In my previous job, i have a meeting with my bos each 3-4 weeks. But today, i have 4 meeting with 4 different person (related to my project). Yes, too much meeting will kill you.

I hope i can improve my skill while working here. I have to work with many kind of people, from different country, from different race, and sometime working with people with poor english. I wish i can face it.

Heheh my big bos just stopped by me. May be just a chick chat. But my previous bos’d never done that ๐Ÿ™‚

Btw, i’m writing a book in Domain Name System. May be someday i’ll post the outline of my book to get feedback from the expert.

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Forgot Your Google Browser Sync’s PIN?

from this link

Just delete your google browser sync’s setting from your google account, then you can create a new pin.

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Today i’ve told my bos that i’m going to resign from this company ๐Ÿ™‚ so then i need to submit a resign notice. here is my letter

Jakarta, August 2nd 2006ย 


GM General Administration Division
PT *** Indonesia

Dear Mr ***,

Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from PT *** Indonesia, effective September, 1st 2006. The associations Iโ€™ve made during my employment here will truly be memorable for years to come.

I hope a month notice is sufficient for you to find a replacement for me. If I can help to train my replacement or tie up any loose ends, please let me know.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to work here.

Anthony Fajri

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